In this episode, we look at how the tools that we used to make this podcast and how Jon Sanchez using podcasting to promote his business.

Jon is using an HP Laptop and we used Google Hangout to record the episode.

0:00 eventually we’re gonna be talking about
0:01 is something that my clients my radio
0:03 listeners are all very anxious to learn
0:05 about which is welcome to the rmc
0:07 promotional show for February as much we
0:09 have a great speaker john signs Sanchez
0:11 John is an amazing guy he’s been on the
0:15 radio for at least 15 years he’s really
0:17 taking technology to the Instagram
0:20 social media he’s way ahead of most
0:23 people and he’s got a podcast he’s got a
0:26 facebook live
0:27 he’s doing all sorts of things which are
0:29really building his business but at the
0:32rmc I think he’s going to be talking
0:33more about what the economy is doing
0:35works going and what to expect
0:42so without further ado let’s get right
0:44into this promo episode with john
0:48sanchez so John you’re gonna be at the
0:50rmc what do you plan to talk about at
0:53the arm see this week
0:54well built first of all I want to thank
0:55that the RNC for the invite i really
0:58really looking forward to it and we’re
0:59already putting all of our work together
1:01be talking about is something that my
1:03clients my radio listeners are all very
1:05anxious to learn about which is what
1:07does this market telling us right now
1:08bill there’s so much confusion your week
1:11we had this incredible excitement the
1:12day after the election of the markets
1:14took off we rallied very very strong
1:17into the end of 2016 January rolls
1:20around inauguration rolls around every
1:22kind of goes ok president Trump the
1:24honeymoon is over kind of show us what
1:26you’re about and then here in the last
1:27week or so the market started to take
1:29off so i’m gonna really focus on a
1:31number of areas but the thesis behind it
1:34is what is the market time is right now
1:36so you can we talk about the market
1:37specifically what to do and so on so
1:39forth I have a lot of questions I could
1:40ask you I wanna go too much detail so
1:43you have really come the army to go into
1:44that so little bit further I would like
1:46to ask for another I’m gonna talk about
1:47real estate in the future of the reno
1:50absolutely this is something that we
1:51talked about every tuesday and thursday
1:53on my radio show and I’m I’m a big
1:55advocate a real estate book on the
1:56commercial side and on the residential
1:58side and Bill we have some incredible
2:00opportunities as our population growth
2:02the demographics change the overall
2:04income i think is going to be changing
2:06and improving over time so absolutely
2:09we’ll talk to real estate side but i’ll
2:10tell you I’m very bullish on the real
2:11estate as well as the stock market at
2:13this point in reno what do you see
2:15changing reference the demographics
2:19well you know where we’re starting to
2:20get I right now with the the dad is not
2:23showing that we’re getting higher
2:25average annual income we’re still
2:27roughly around 51 52 thousand dollars a
2:30year but I think that’s going to be
2:31changing as more of these higher end
2:33jobs come in and higher and executives
2:35begin to arrive know we’ve seen and
2:37we’ve all heard the term the Tesla fact
2:39well talking with many many
2:41professionals in the real estate
2:42industry it is actually becoming
2:44apparition we’re seeing some of the
2:46higher-end homes in that 350 to 400
2:48thousand plus range beginning to finally
2:51move and so that’s a win-win for
2:52everybody goes lower price homes
2:55those people can move up and it’s kind
2:56of a domino effect so yes it’s
2:58absolutely working and that we’re very
3:00excited about the future that’s the
3:01bottom line
3:02so true iight I interview people across
3:05the United States something very wealthy
3:07and successful and one thing is they
3:10always ask about what’s going on right
3:12now because they hear so much about it
3:13and Tesla yeah yeah we were for the
3:16first time in many many years ago we
3:17have made the international headlines in
3:19a good sense for once
3:21yeah last Gilman who helped develop the
3:24world’s largest industrial center to the
3:26east of us said 10-15 years ago he read
3:29something about real being a boomtown
3:30I’d say the ground now
3:33yeah thanks to his efforts and many
3:34others absolutely so very good
3:36hey couple of things as we finish up
3:38here and we’re going to remind everybody
3:39to show up on the 21st at the Atlantis
3:42at eleven o’clock to the luncheon it’ll
3:43be a really fun lunch and use we spoke
3:46about two or three years ago was
3:47explicitly we’re going a little bit more
3:49about you and your podcast your radio
3:52I am so impressed with what you’ve done
3:54I you have an excellent podcast will get
3:56sound tell us about your little studio
3:58behind us because we have a lot of
3:59podcasters who listen to the show
4:01well about Josh six seven years ago I
4:05need that made the commitment to invest
4:07in a in a home office studio plus we
4:08have a full-blown studio in our office
4:11in reno i basically time commitments
4:14right you and I both know time is our
4:15biggest enemy
4:17well i first talked update on koh starts
4:19at five 23 in the morning of the old
4:20days I would drive all the way to my
4:22office and be there by five 23 in the
4:24morning but now I’m able to start my day
4:26at about four-thirty be ready and and
4:28fully wide awake and and prepper
4:31stockton 523 the technology days to cost
4:35a tremendous amount of money to be able
4:37to broadcast your own show but thanks to
4:39the engineers AKO age and some of my
4:41dumb luck I guess we’ve been able to put
4:43together a very effective studio that
4:44literally we can of course broadcast
4:46anywhere over the Internet and to any
4:48radio station that wants to pick up the
4:49show you reach around the world and then
4:51that with your website by the way I’m
4:53gonna stick your website up for those
4:54who are watching lista will do share the
4:57screen here you know I can
4:59they’re guess your website i do see here
5:01so we’ll present to everyone here will
5:04talk about what size we finish up folks
5:06for you are listening on the podcast and
5:07go over to
5:08casters or go over to the
5:11Republicans Club the org and you’ll see
5:14probably episode on timelines 262 three
5:17you can see John screen let’s look at
5:19your website now you have a good website
5:21I’m how to use that website where we use
5:24it very actively huh
5:26obviously it’s a way of communication
5:28with our clients where we’re moving into
5:30a lot of different areas that were so
5:31very excited about just about three
5:33weeks ago I finally do the pushing of my
5:37staff which most of them are Millennials
5:39they said look at you gotta get with the
5:40times get more involved in social media
5:42so we have made a very concerted effort
5:45matter of fact we now have promoted one
5:48employee and cone to be our digital
5:50marketing manager at her entire day is
5:52spent at getting his presence on social
5:55what we are really using and very
5:57effective right now is facebook live
5:59Twitter those type of things that were
6:01using it to forms bill want to
6:02communicate with our clients the second
6:04of course to communicate with our radio
6:05listeners and then we’re also getting
6:08involved in text alerts where be getting
6:10ready to launch a program of our clients
6:12that will be sending out a text alert
6:14there’s big movements in the market that
6:16type of thing the website of course is
6:18is really just the foundation of it all
6:21we of course i use this as a way for our
6:23clients to keep in contact you can find
6:25all my archived shows there are you try
6:27to write a daily blog and really just
6:29use it as is most businesses do as a
6:31form of communication and then also it
6:33expresses Who I am as people don’t know
6:35that i have a cattle ranch which is
6:36really my my passion in life hence the
6:38that a cattle-ranching theme to the
6:41website that’s interesting
6:43we’re helping to get the cattle ranch I
6:44let’s see going on seven years now let
6:47me let me flip up website gonna finish
6:49after seven years what made you get into
6:50cattle ranching oh it’s a long crazy
6:53story i’ll give you a 10-second version
6:55might have my wife went through empty
6:58nest syndrome when my my middle child my
7:00son decided to move downtown reno from
7:03taco and go to the Fire Academy so she
7:05started accumulating dogs and finally I
7:07told her honey when she was up to number
7:09four I said we can’t get any more dogs
7:11where we live so long story short i
7:13stumbled upon this beautiful ranchos
7:15personnel and smith valley and we bought
7:18then a couple years we turned it into a
7:19very active cattle ranch we also have a
7:22retail store and get ready to launch
7:23another store and sell photographer and
7:26we’re also going to be doing a little
7:27bit about Airbnb at the ranch come to
7:30spring so it’s a very accurate graph
7:31part of my life
7:33very good hey Murphy always gets in
7:35there but I pull up your facebook site
7:36and one thing that’s happened to me is
7:38I’ve been working on my computer and
7:40also not alert comes up that you’re live
7:42on Facebook
7:43yes pretty amazing see now you’re
7:45getting out to more people
7:46yes exactly we got your facebook up
7:48right now you’ve got so you got your
7:50your business with your primary business
7:51is the financial advisor business and
7:53managing money
7:55yes real estate your ranch and your
7:57technology all working together you have
7:59a team in the United you can’t you can’t
8:02do what you you do without you
8:04not at all they tell me to hit the
8:06record button that’s about as far as I
8:08but you you begin to this all by
8:11yourself though we came up on youtube so
8:12i thank you anyway really impressed your
8:16life streaming so we’re closing if you
8:19can’t make the Army’s dinner on the 21st
8:21year somewhere around the world
8:22how can listen to find you well they can
8:24find us at the website at sanchez wolf
8:26management com as you brought up on
8:29facebook live you can find us at sanchez
8:31wealth management LLC and then on
8:34twitter at john sanchez show that’s jail
8:37in sanc hez show
8:39ok very good John interface with two
8:42questions let’s get questions like I
8:43left one out and your clients are mostly
8:45around this area but you have clients
8:47outside area
8:48oh yes absolutely have to spread
8:49literally throughout the world
8:51yeah this technology is worldwide so you
8:53can live anywhere
8:54absolutely that’s that’s the ultimate
8:56goal for many businesses of course and
8:59that at this point client still real
9:01comfortable having your video is their
9:03primary source of communication with us
9:05but over time we’re seeing a big
9:07transition going on the demographics the
9:09other people definitely are yes they
9:11preferred but they want to come into the
9:13yeah they won’t talk to any other texts
9:14that why you don’t call me exactly
9:17okay so here’s the tough last question
9:19to relive reno-tahoe get your choices
9:21they’re both areas look at so if I’m in
9:24reno tahoe should go out to eat
9:26well if you’re you know if you’re in the
9:28middle area let’s go ahead and go to
9:29Sanchez ranch me company we serve
9:32incredible burgers and for the different
9:35sandwiches are getting ready to launch
9:36an organic salad bar starts at the
9:38casual environment that grab-and-go kind
9:40of a kind of environment in reno I gotta
9:43send out the shoutouts to I the Atlanta
9:46steakhouse one of my favorite places
9:47there’s actually one of the great chefs
9:49there that has the name john sanchez so
9:51that was an inexperienced the first time
9:53I met him where there and then soft like
9:55one of my favorite places fridays which
9:57is at the top of here is another
9:58incredible steak and seafood house with
10:00amazing views of Lake Tahoe you know
10:03truly one of my favorite food is steak
10:05and I think we know competes around the
10:06world have the best steakhouses in the
10:08world right here you go online you are
10:10amazing i haven’t had honestly haven’t
10:12had a bad steak anywhere Andrea terrific
10:15yeah we’ve got some great cattle
10:16ranchers in the area and we’re really
10:18seeing a treadmill were a lot of
10:19high-end steak houses are really trying
10:21to deal with be the farm-to-table
10:23concept and contracting with us local
10:25ranchers to grow their own be for it and
10:27really provide that natural experience
10:31well John I appreciate it please stay on
10:33the line i’m gonna stop the live
10:34broadcast right now and we’ll get this
10:37up today
10:38sounds great bill thanks so much for the
10:39opportunity and again look forward to
10:41seeing everybody on the 21st
10:49hey I want to thank John for coming on
10:55has been a busy guy we’re supposed to do
10:56this last Friday it’s monday and he had
11:00to go out and do his search and rescue
11:03things are reserved fire fire down in
11:05Carson area and as you know we’ve had
11:09avalanches we’ve had floods unit we’ve
11:11had it
11:11we’re having a heck of a winner here to
11:13appreciate John for all that you do and
11:15your volunteer service as well as your
11:17service to community looking forward to
11:19your presentation on the 21st februari
11:23at the Atlantis as thursday i think the
11:26doors open 11 and lunch is served at
11:28eleven-thirty and finally you’ll be
11:31speaking 12 folks also you could do us a
11:34favor if you go over here will be a
11:38little round circle says the rmc please
11:40click that and subscribe
11:42you may have to go ahead and log on to
11:44gmail youtube google+ one of those to be
11:49able to subscribe
11:50go ahead and log onto your gmail account
11:51stride that helps us build a community
11:54show and get us better notice we’re
11:57doing real well because your support and
12:00people like John coming out speaking at
12:02the rmc until next time take care see
12:06you on Thursday

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