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  1. Specification Update2
  2. WWDC Apple Podcasts Session
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  4. Specification Update

Apple Podcasts to support the new features in iOS 11, they have updated the specification by:

  1. Enabling providers to deliver clear, concise titles.
  2. Improving how episodes are ordered and recommended within a season.
  3. Adding the ability for new subscribers to receive the full current season in their Library.
  4. Adding quick play to allow users to pick up listening where they left off.

For more information on using the new tags supported in iOS 11, see Apple Podcasts – What’s New in iOS 11.

To review our existing tags, see RSS tags for Podcasts Connect.

WWDC Apple Podcasts Session

Review best practices for creating and launching a podcast, including cover art and metadata design, in the Apple Podcasts Session from WWDC 2017. Watch for sneak peeks of Podcasts app for iOS 11 and Podcast Analytics (need to use the Safari browser)

Apple Podcasts on Facebook