All of the Timelines interviews now have this question: “What are your Success, life and/or Leadership Principles?” Here are some resources to help you develop your Success Principles. Most people have from 3 to 5 principle (you can have more or less between 5 and 11).

What Your Rules of Success might be:

1. Mindset – Visualize Your Success (Be Inspired and Inspire Others, Believe in Yourself)
2. Plan (Daily, weekly, monthly priorities – top three…
3. FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Success)
4. Time Management hooked into your Energy
5. Live In the Moment
6. Scale (Repeat and Rinse)
7. Always Be Learning – Knowledge and Wisdom
8. Be careful with money- Capitalize
9. Market (Get your product to market sooner than later).
10. Health (Exercise, Diet, and Sleep)
11. Loyalty, Honesty, Relationship, Family and Friends
12. Get An Accountability Partner

What Your Rules of Leadership might be:

1. Lead by Example (Follow Me)
2. Learn to Follow as Well as Lead
3. Know Yourself
4. Keep those You Lead Informed
5. Write and Speak Clearly
6. Train Those You Lead
7. Make Sound and Timely Decisions
8. Take Responsibility for Your Actions
9. Accept responsibility for Those You Lead
10. Have Courage
11. Never Give Up

Exercise to Help You Develop Your Success and Leadership Principles:

Go through this list and think how some of these rules might apply to your life. Start by building your own 5 or 7 rule for success. Then pick your top three. It is a fun but tough exercise.

1. Don’t Do it for the Money
2. Never Give Up, be tougher
3. Details Count
4. Believe in Yourself
5. FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Success)
6. Get Great Employees
7. Work Hard “The Harder I work the luckier I get” Gary Player
8. Follow Your Instincts
9. Believe in Yourself “See yourself as a winner.”
10. Have a Messy Desk
11. Work At What You Love
12. Focus on the Journey
13. Make a List
14. Give Credit
15. Exercise Daily
16. Eat Healthy
17. Try Things
18. Don’t be too critical
19. Read Books
20. Listen to Books
21. Set SMART Goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound)
22. Don’t Do It for the Rank
23. Make Realistic Deadlines
24. Do your PME (Primary Military Education
25. Step back and look at the situation
26. Don’t trust spell check
27. Don’t let Anger Drive Your Decisions
28. Never Show Your Anger
29. Lead by Example
30. Simplicity
31. Reduce Clutter
32. Ask Questions
33. Be Serendipitous (discover by chance in a fun way)
34. Don’t try to please everyone
35. Have Faith
36. De-Clutter
37. Family is First
38. Live in the Moment
39. Get to the Point
40. Lifelong Learning
50. Be Passionate
51. Be all in All
52. Hangout with Successful People
53. Set Motivating Goal
54. Create Action Plans
55. Put a dent in the Universe
56. Say no to most 1000 things
57. Master the message
58. Stand for Something
59. Learn to sell
60. Lean to pitch
61. Sell Dream, not Products
62. Looks for solutions
63. No Excuse (Sir or Ma’am)
64. Be a Team Player
65. Be Visible
66. Show gratitude
67. Have Mentors
78. Repeat Success (Rinse and Repeat)
79. Ask for Feedback
80. Value Your Friends
81. Use Money Wisely
82. Pick Your Friends Wisely
83. Married the one you love
84. Do Not be Greedy
85. Don’t Complain If you are not willing to help develop a solution
86. Use Technology
87. Use Systems
88. Learn to Follow then learns to Lead
89. Listen to your Gut
90. Listen to your sixth sense
91. Improvise
92. Listen More Than You Talk
93. Find Your Battle Rhythm
94. Learn Through Failure
95. Fail Your Way to Success
96. When you fall, get back up.
97. Have a Heart – Be Compassionate
98. Tell Stories
99. Have Strong Values
100. Be Tenacious
101. Stay 15 Minutes Behind the Latest Technology
102. Pay It Forward
103. Fortune Favors the Bold
104. Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Chance
105. Model Success
106. Start Today
107. Copy well
108. Be Honest
109. If you don’t want to be judged, don’t judge others
110. Imagination
111. Dream Big
112. Be Creative
113. Speaking in Terms that Clients Understand
114. Aligning Interest with the Client
115. Make Friends with the Clients
116. Don’t Rest on Your Laurels
117. Be Consistent
118. The Customer is Always Right
119. Demand the Best Out of Your Team
120. Hire Slow, Fire Quickly
121. Strive for Perfection (WoZ)
122. Build Things For Yourself (Woz)
123. Think for Yourself (Woz)
124. Ignite the Fire (Jordan)
125. Be Different (Jordan)
126. Have High Expectations (Jordan)
127. Stop Making Excuses (Jordan)
128. Visualize Success (McDaniel 139)
129. Know Yourself (McDaniel 139)
130. Be on time (McDaniel 139)
131. Through with Care (Gary Auerbach 146)
132. Catch a Good Thing ((Gary Auerbach 146)
133. See the Wind ((Gary Auerbach 146)
134. Know Your Story (Gary Auerbach 146)
135. Challenge Makes Champions (Gary Auerbach 146)
136. A little Play Goes a Long Way (Gary Auerbach 146)
137. Pay Safe-Play Fair (Gary Auerbach 146)

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